Spotlight On… Paul Wyse – Buildings and Technical Manager

Today’s Spotlight On… is with Paul Wyse, our Buildings and Technical Manager!

Paul 2.jpg

What does your role at the Wyvern Theatre entail?

I am the Buildings and Technical Manager here at both the Wyvern Theatre and Swindon Arts Centre. This involves not only managing the team of amazing technical staff but also overseeing all productions and events within the Swindon Theatres, looking after both buildings to make sure they are warm, welcoming and safe places to be and then production managing the yearly Christmas pantomime.

What do you like about both venues and how do we differ to other venues you have worked at?

What I really like is the diverse work we get to put on in both spaces, for me Swindon Theatres are a true community arts hub which not only caters for all types of performances but we also have amazing workshops, gallery art work and groups that use the space every day. It really does inspire you to assist the community further. Previously I have worked in larger scale theatres and concert halls and the main reason for wanting to make the move to the Swindon Theatres is this community and family feel it has and in pushing the building and abilities to ensure the audience and visitors get the best experiences they can.

Venue image 3 - credit unkown

Have you always wanted to work within the technical side of the theatre and what inspired you to do it?

I came away from university with a degree in Music and Audio Technology but at the same time was a casual theatre technician in the beautiful Theatre Royal, Brighton. As soon as I was working in a theatre I knew that this was the place to stay! I have been very lucky in my career to work in some great theatres and concert halls, having a music background and working in a concert hall was always an amazing combination but the call of a more traditional theatre always wins and here I am!

What’s your favourite part about working in tech and any advice for people who may want to get into the industry?

Being a technician for me is all about assisting the production in putting on the best performance and to realise the artistic visions every night. Within that I personally love the fault-finding and the ability to adapt plans, ideas and visions into creating them on our stage. Nothing better than having a real head-scratcher over a cup of tea and then cracking it and making the production that bit better!

For anyone wishing to enter this amazing industry my advice would be simple – try everything! Don’t narrow down your field within production/technical theatre as you simply won’t understand other areas and departments as well, plus you won’t get as much work. I will happily say I am a jack of many different trades within the technician world and a master of very few but this is a good thing within my role. The ability as a technical and production manager to assist the masses and specialise where needed is what the team and the productions want.

Paul 1.jpg

What would you choose from our new food menu?

For me that is simple, ever since hosting the last HQ Theatres staff summit at G Live in Guildford, I have become slightly obsessed with this particular dish and the minute I noticed it was on the menu I physically felt my jeans grow! It has to be Hoisin Duck Steamed Buns!…Go try them!

Paul - Duck Buns.jpg

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