Spotlight On… Brett Patrick – Work Experience

Today’s Spotlight On… is with Brett Patrick, who has just completed 2 weeks of professional work experience at the Wyvern!

Brett - Laughing.jpg

Why did you choose the Wyvern Theatre for work experience?

I chose the Wyvern for my marketing work experience because having worked as Hospitality Assistant prior to heading off to university, I knew that it was a very friendly place. After I was told that a module for my second year at university was to be one based on work experience, my first thought was to try and get in at the Wyvern and knowing I have an interest in a marketing career, I knew it would be worth a shot contacting the Wyvern’s Marketing team!

How did you find your time in the Marketing department?

During my first week in the Marketing department I went to an external promotional event to help promote this year’s Summer Youth Project; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It was nice to be able to dive-in straight away on my first day as it was something I was never able to do before. The rest of the week involved writing social media posts and press releases and as someone who would love to go into the social media marketing side of operations, this was great experience and being a part of how a marketing department handles different shows was a great insight for me.

Brett - Cheese & Bacon Burger


What’s your favourite item of food on the new Showstopping Food & Drink menu?

As someone who loves food (perhaps too much? Nah!) I can’t choose just one item from the menu… being the burger lover that I am, I would definitely have to go for the Cheese & Bacon Burger because no one could resist the temptation of both cheese AND bacon! For dessert I’d have to choose the Warm Sweet Waffles simply because I could never say no to waffles, that would be rude!


Brett - Waffles


What can the theatre offer people my age?

For people around my age, there is a variety of different shows that would interest them. For example; I went to watch the hilarious Bill Bailey recently and I can definitely say that I would recommend anyone like myself to see him if they ever get the chance! There is a variety of comedy acts that would suit my age demographic for sure, James Acaster as an example.

Brett - Holding Menu

What is the theatre doing well and what can they offer more of?

The theatre is offering a wide variety of shows throughout the year including a range of children’s live shows, comedians and I can’t forget panto! So there are plenty of shows available for most people! The issue with the theatre, not necessarily the Wyvern specifically but theatres in general, is the fact that there is a lack of shows that can entice people my age into theatre, minus the comedy shows that do attract people in my age demographic. I think theatres could offer more of a range of shows that could interest older teenagers and get them involved in the theatre. I know, for me, I would love to be able to see a production of a few musicals such as Hairspray, Grease or Mamma Mia, and they don’t have to have an ‘all star cast’ either!

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