Time Travelling Magic with Morgan & West

Time travelling magicians Morgan & West bring their show Time Travelling Magicians to the Swindon Arts Centre in May. We sat down with Morgan and West to find out more about the show, what audiences can expect, their favourite magic trick they’ve ever seen and also their first magic trick they ever saw.


What can audiences expect from this show?

In brief you will see magic, mystery, and mild peril. The magic is fairly expected given that it is indeed a magic show. Mystery also seems like it might come with magic but you never know. The mild peril is only to Mr Morgan, there is absolutely no peril whatsoever to the good members of the public that come along. Even if they want a little bit of peril…

 Time Travelling Magicians 2.jpg

What was the first magic trick you saw?

That’s a remarkably tough question. The truth of the answer is most likely some Paul Daniels or David Copperfield special on television when we were but wee lads. That’s the problem with the truth, it’s often vague and uninteresting. The most significant memory of an early trick was Teller (of Penn & Teller) being run over by an eighteen-wheeler truck and then explaining how it was done. That’s one heck of a trick.

 TTM 4

What’s the best magic trick you’ve ever seen?

After much discussion about what constitutes ‘best’ in terms of magic tricks we’ve settled on our answer. Oddly, perhaps, it is a trick that we know how it is done, but it is a corker. It’s known as ‘suspended animation’, in basic principals two people swap places under really impossible conditions. Fast. So fast, so good.

 How do you approach the making process of a magic show? 

Quietly, slowly, and with lots of tea. Quite genuinely. Most of our shows are made up of a series of tricks with a thread running through them to tie them all up at the end. Sometimes we turn our hand to full story shows but those are a different beast entirely. For the regular shows you have to start with the tricks. The tricks need to be good, they need to have variety, and they need to flow together. That’s the hardest part of writing a magic show is making it feel like a show, rather than a loose collection of impossible vignettes. That takes time. And tea, of course.

TTM 5.jpg

Who are your inspirations for the work you do?

We draw inspirations from many different arts and sources. Our humour is greatly influenced by Eddie Izzard and The Simpsons, having grown up in the 90s it’s hard to get away from such comedy giants (and why would you want to?). Magically we have always looked up to Derren Brown and Penn & Teller for their ability to do excellent tricks that usually have some sort of meaning beyond that of the illusion itself. Beyond that ideas come from all sorts of places and walks of life. You’d be amazed how many idle wanderings have sparked the idea for a trick.

What future projects are you working on?

It’s time for us to write a new kids show and evening show so we’re turning our attentions to that at the moment. There’s likely to be a science themeing for the kids, and then something much spookier for the adults. You’ll have to wait and see to find out more…


Morgan & West Time-Travelling Magicians will be at the Swindon Arts Centre on Fri 25 May.

For more information and to buy tickets please visit: http://bit.ly/MorganWest18 

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