Spotlight On…Anne Smith

Spotlight on… is a new series focusing on our brilliant Volunteer Ushers at Swindon Theatres.  We are lucky to have around 150 Ushers who work for the Wyvern Theatre and Swindon Arts Centre and who help the Duty Manager with the smooth running of our shows. Their duties can include helping direct patrons to seats and venue facilities, selling programmes and merchandise, checking tickets and more. Our Ushers can often be the first point of contact for visiting patrons and their contribution to theatre life is really invaluable to us as a team. This is their chance to take centre stage and tell us about their experiences!



Photo Credit: Kate Claxton 

How long have you been a usher and why did you did you first become an usher?

I started ushering just in time for the Pantomime December 2014. Talk about being thrown in at the deep end but I really enjoyed it.  I wanted to do something useful once I retired and thought that ushering would be a really fun  thing to do especially as it is such a flexible job and you can do as much or as little as you want/have time for.  It has also enabled me to volunteer for the Memory Cafe which is another way of helping the community.

What’s your favourite thing about ushering at Swindon Theatres?

I’m not sure I can pick out one favourite thing:  I enjoy talking to the customers especially at the childrens’ shows and pantomime – it’s so lovely to see the childrens’ reactions and chat to them about what they think of the show;  it’s great that  I get to see not only shows that I would choose to see but also things that I wouldn’t have chosen but turn out to be really good.


What has been your personal highlight of ushering a show at Swindon Theatres and why do you enjoy ushering?

I enjoy it for all the above reasons but also because there is a lovely friendly atmosphere at the theatre which makes me look forward to working there.  The Duty Managers bend over backwards to accommodate us  and I do appreciate  the theatre visits that Darren organises.


Describe ushering in three words.

Best volunteering job!


Are you a Swindon Theatres Usher and want to contribute to the Spotlight On Series? Contact Marcus Lilley,

Find out more about Ushering at Swindon Theatres here.

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