Work Experience Placements at Swindon Theatres

At Swindon Theatres we offer work experience placements to students (aged 16+) who want to learn more about working in Theatre across different areas such as Box Office, Technical Theatre, Marketing, Administration and many more!

This week we were joined by Naomi, who spent time with our Box Office, Marketing Office, Technical and Front of House Departments. Find out more below.

What have you been doing so far in your work placement and what have you learned?

During my experience at the Wyvern Theatre so far I have done a lot of work with the technical team, watching how they set everything up before the show. I’ve found it very interesting to find out how everything is done behind the show and how everything works. I have also done some ushering in the front of house, where I learnt how to direct people to their seats and marketing where I have learnt how they sell all the tickets for shows and how the Wyvern gets their name into the media.

Swindon Wyvern Theatre Square

What area of theatre do you want to go into?

I would probably say ushering has been my favourite moment so far as I enjoy helping others and talking to new people. However, I don’t think I’d want to do it all the time.

What was the last theatre show you saw?

The last theatre show I watched was Dreamgirls in London which is my favourite film and the show was amazing.

SAC Square

What’s your favourite type of theatre show?

My favourite type of theatre show would definitely be musicals. I love the dancing and singing in them!

What area of theatre do you want to go into?

If I did go into the theatre industry, I would quite like to be involved in either marketing or acting. I love performing and I also love the media side of it.


Swindon Theatres offers work experience placements to students aged 16+ and generally last one week.

To find out more visit:

Find about more about Swindon Theatres here:

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