Switch on to Swindon: Swindon’s fantastic arts scene

We are a proud ambassador of the Switch on to Swindon Campaign, at Swindon Theatres we wanted to share the work that we do and how you can get involved with Swindon’s thriving arts scene.  Swindon Theatres is the Wyvern Theatre and The Swindon Arts Centre, we programme 250+ shows including concerts, comedy, dance, drama, musical theatre and local amateur productions every year across both of our venues.

About the Wyvern Theatre

PROF 052

The Wyvern Theatre is located in the town centre, in Theatre Square, the auditorium holds 635 seats with every seat designed to be no more than 70ft from the stage, so there is no such thing as a bad seat in the house!

We are home to nationally recognized organisations Prime Theatre, Create Studios and Reach Inclusive Arts. Prime Theatre and Create Studios have recently been recognized and received National Portfolio Organisation status by Arts Council England. Create Studios are the brilliant minds behind the Switch on to Swindon campaign video and Prime Theatre produce theatre by and young people. Reach Inclusive Arts provide meaningful activities for people living in Swindon who are disabled, have learning difficulties or have used mental health services

Watch the videos below to find out more!

About the Swindon Arts Centre


The Swindon Arts Centre is located in Old Town and holds 224 seats.  The venue is small and imitate and presents smaller scale theatre productions, comedians and musicians. The Swindon Arts Centre celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2016 with a selection of performances by companies who have been involved with the Arts Centre over the years. 

Swindon Festival of Literature2



World Renowned Musicians,  Authors and Films

Every year, Swindon’s cultural scene bursts with world class musicians, authors and films presented by the Swindon Recital Series, Swindon Festival of Literature and The Swindon Film Society.  The Recital Series are lunchtime concerts that take each year from September till April.  The annual Swindon Festival of Literature brings together writers, thinkers, speakers, novelists, poets and storytellers to present and discuss literature in all its forms.  The Swindon Film Society showcases films from around the world at the Swindon Arts Centre.

Summer Youth Project

Have you ever wanted to be involved in a large scale theatre project? One of our most exciting times in the year is our annual Summer Youth Project which takes place in the last two weeks of August.  We offer you the chance to work alongside a professional creative team (director, designer and technicians) to rehearse and perform a full scale musical on the Wyvern Stage.  Find out more here.


Grease (2016) Photo Credit: Kate Claxton


Hairspray (2015) Photo Credit: Pete Dewhirst

Christmas Shows  

Our annual Christmas shows are our biggest highlight every year, with both venues buzzing in the run up to Christmas. It’s wonderful to see so many people coming to the theatre and we have a lot of fun being out and about promoting the pantomime, in fact you may well have of seen us at one of the many events that we attend!


Photo Credit: Kate Claxton


Photo Credit: Kate Claxton

Swindon has a rich and vibrant arts scene and we are proud to be part of the Switch on to Swindon Campaign. Let’s share more about the incredible work that Swindon has to offer!


Find out more about Swindon Theatres here: https://swindontheatres.co.uk/Online/

Follow the Wyvern Theatre on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Follow the Swindon Arts Centre on Facebook, and Twitter 

Find out more about Switch on to Swindon here: switchontoswindon.com/ 

Watch the Switch on to Swindon video here: https://youtu.be/HqBHsjlODDo 

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