Rocking with The Bootleg Shadows

The Bootleg Shadows bring their outstanding tribute to Swindon Arts Centre for a night of fantastic foot tapping classics, celebrating the music of The Shadows & Cliff with plenty of humour to make it a night out to remember on Saturday 25th March!

Relive such fantastic hits as: Apache, Foot Tapper, FBI, Man of Mystery, Atlantis, Wonderful Land, Kon-Tiki, Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, Let Me Be The One, Move It, plus many more.

For anyone who loves the sounds of the 60’s and enjoys a few laughs along the way, this show is one not to be missed! You will be humming the tunes and doing the Shadows famous ‘walk’ long after you have left the theatre.

We sat down with the band to find out more about the show and what you can expect from their visit in March!


So why did you decide do a Shadows tribute?

Because we can’t sing! – No seriously, The Shadows chalked up 35 hits of their own (not counting another 33 hits with Cliff Richard!), giving them more hits than any other British group and securing them a unique place in the history of pop music. The Shadows have also finished touring themselves so it’s a way of bringing the music to the fans.


 Why do you think tribute bands are so popular?

I think it’s because the audience know exactly what they’re getting – there is no gamble as there would be in a variety show, for example.

 How long have you been together?

The band has been touring UK theatres for about 10 years


 How many of you are there in the band?

We’re a 5 piece band, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums and Keyboards. We added the keyboards to play the orchestral parts and it really adds an extra dimension to our sound.

 How long have you been individually playing as musicians?

Well we have all been playing from a very early age and have all been involved in a multitude of professional music projects over the years. Our Bass player, Tony, has a claim to fame that his third gig way back in 1963 with a band called the Four X’s was as the support act for The Beatles!


Have you met / played with the Shadows?  

Yes – we’ve met with the ‘real’ Shadows on a number of occasions – including headlining at the International Cliff and the Shadows convention in Holland in front of Bruce Welch & Brian Licorice Locking!

What can the audience expect when they come to a Bootleg Shadows concert?

Firstly above all, expect a really great night out. The concert is really a show which of course encompasses the fantastic music of The Shadows, but also contains a lot of laughs along the way – our audiences always leave with a big smile on their faces.

Secondly, the attention to detail in performing the music is second to none. We ensure the correct vintage instruments and amplifiers are used to re-create that great sound of the early 60’s coupled with the ‘look’ of the Shadows and the synchronized dance steps, we create a spectacular show for all fans of 60’s music to enjoy.

 Finally, you can expect to hear all of the hits from Apache in 1960 up to Riders in the Sky in 1979 and everything in between! We also sometimes throw in a few ‘wild cards’ so you may hear some Beatles or some Duane Eddy or The Tornados, Telstar or even The Allman Brothers Jessica!

 What’s the band’s favourite number?

The real era of the Shadows sound for us is from 1960 / 61 with great hits such as Apache, Kon-Tiki, Man of Mystery, FBI and our favourite, Wonderful Land.


Tony – you’re a founder member of the band and you play bass, what inspired you to do this?

Jet Harris the original bass player with the Shadows is one of the all time great bass players and was the first guy to own an electric bass guitar in the UK so he was a real pioneer of the early UK music scene. I guess I wanted to acknowledge the influence Jet had on me as a bass player.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been doing this for nearly 10 years now and it’s been an incredible journey which I feel privileged to have been part of. It’s the most amazing feeling playing to appreciative packed houses who are there to watch you.


The Bootleg Shadows will be at the Swindon Arts Centre on Saturday 25th March.

For more information and to buy tickets please visit:

Follow The Bootleg Shadows on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube


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