Chinese New Year: The Year of the Rooster

2017 is the Year of the Rooster and to celebrate we welcome the spectular Jin Long Martial Arts Academy with their awe inspiring Chinese New Year Extravaganza on Saturday 18th February.

Witness the daring stunts of Chinese acrobatics alongside elegant Chinese dance, energetic kung fu performance, a highly skilled puppeteer that can perform the ancient magic of Face Changing and more.

For our latest Inside Swindon Theatres Blog we spoke with May Chen from Jin Long to find out more about the preparations for the show and what audiences can expect to see!


Thank you so much for your time, What can audiences expect to see in the Chinese New Year Extravaganza?

Lots of colour and fun! Chinese New Year is all about celebration so we like to create that ambience by bringing together different styles of performances – from elegant traditional dance to nimble acrobatics, … martial arts and playful costumed Lions and pandas. There is definitely something for everyone to enjoy.


That sounds great! What is the most important aspect of the Chinese New Year celebrations?

Chinese New Year is one of the most important events in Chinese calendar and most certainly one of the biggest celebrations of the year. It is a time for people to celebrate their year’s hard work and have a good rest (people are off work for 7 days in China!), and wish for a lucky and prosperous coming year. There is lots of food, and everywhere is very colourful and lively. But the most important is “Family Gathering”. People travel back home near and far to celebrate this festival with their families, (a bit like Christmas over here).

NEW 2017 CNY Plaza brochure landscape revised.jpg

What do you look forward most to about Chinese New Year?

Well, there’s the delicious food, the fireworks, red envelopes… unfortunately no week-long rest (laughs), but for us, it’s definitely the Chinese New Year show. Every year we are excited to bring in new acts to our shows and visit new places. We work very hard to put together the programmes  to captivate the Western audiences each year. We are really looking forward to performing at Wyvern this year, and very much hope that people of Swindon will enjoy what we have to offer.

How does the process of putting the show together begin?

We’ve been doing the Chinese New Year celebration shows for few years now, so after the show each year we start to think of new ideas or elements for the next year’s show. Every year we try to introduce something different with a good mix of tradition, style and skills. We work very closely with the performers in China, choosing the right acts and people.  So even though Chinese New Year happens only once a year, we are thinking and talking about it all year through!


Chinese New Year Extravaganza is at the Wyvern Theatre on Saturday 18th February.

For more information and to buy tickets please visit:

Follow The Jin Long Academy on Facebook & Twitter.

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