The Royal Festival Hall & Summer Youth Project with Sam Wearing

In September, Swindon born Sam Wearing will be performing a very special evening of musical theatre songs at the Swindon Arts Centre.  Sam has performed at iconic venues including: the O2 Arena for Voice In A Million in 2011, and more recently singing solo with the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall.   We sat down with Sam to chat about being involved with the annual Summer Youth Project (SYP), Panto and audition tips!


Hello Sam, thank you so much for your time, what was your first experience of SYP? 

My first experience was performing in Oliver in 2008. I was in the ensemble and i just remember it being the best two weeks ever!

Why did you get involved with SYP? 

As a young person who loved performing I was always on the search for the next opportunity to take part in a production. I had heard about SYP from people who had been involved previously and had told me how much they enjoyed it. I turned up at the audition day not knowing anyone, which was terrifying, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. SYP was special as it was one of my first experiences of being surrounded by like minded people who all enjoyed performing as much as I did. I made friends for life and learnt so much from every aspect of being involved with SYP.

What would be your best piece of advice you would give to aspiring performers?

You need to be brave, make interesting decisions, be confident and have belief in yourself and capabilities. One thing to remember is that in an audition situation people are more interested in you as a person and they are ultimately deciding if they want to work with you. Talent is obviously very important but personality is just as important.

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What’s been your best moment on stage?

I have been fortunate to perform in some incredible venues, one of the most memorable was performing as a soloist at the O2 Arena, London. However nothing beats a local audience! I played the comedic role of Terry in Boogie Nights which was great as you could hear the audience responding to the show and enjoying it as much as we were on stage.

I was also lucky enough to perform in many of the Wyvern Theatre Panto’s as a dancer, performing in these were my first taste of being involved in professional theatre and I am so thankful for the opportunities and experience I gained.

What can we expect to see in ‘An Evening with Sam Wearing’?

The concert will be a very big insight into my personal journey up to now and how determination has helped me overcome challenges and get where I am today. The songs that complete the set list have all been chosen because they have a personal connection and i feel that each one of them contributes a different aspect to the show which the audience will enjoy. There will be songs that people will know and also songs that people don’t know which I am very excited about sharing. It feels incredible to have this opportunity to perform some of my favourite songs and share my journey with an audience, some of whom who will have watched me perform in local shows. People in Swindon have been so supportive of me over the years and it will be really nice to see familiar faces within the audience before I take my new adventure at Laine Theatre Arts which may not have happened if it wasn’t for the opportunities and experiences I gained from SYP!


An Evening with Sam Wearing is at Swindon Arts Centre Sat 3 Sep.

For more information and to buy tickets please visit:

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