Swindon Wyvern Theatre

Work Experience at Swindon Theatres

At Swindon Theatres we offer work experience placements to students (aged 16+) who want to learn more about working in Theatre across different areas such as Box Office, Technical Theatre, Marketing, Adminstration and many more!

We had a quick chat with Jack and Joshua who have been with us this week to see what they’ve  been upto whilst they has been with us!

Hi Jack & Joshua, You’ve been with us this week at Swindon Theatres, what have you been upto?

Jack: So far this week I have done a day of technical where I watched the stage crew rig and focus the lights for the show. I have also learned about the Ticket Office at the theatre and how the process of ticket sales is completed over the phone and online. Today I helped with marketing by putting flyers and posters up andaround the theatre and learned about the different ways of marketing and advertising a show.

Joshua: I have done a range of activites. I have shadowed members of staff from across the company, from the technical guys to Box Office, the marketing team to the stage door workers and even the Theatre Manager herself. On top of shadowing these members of staff I have been giving the opportunity to asssit in areas across the Wyvern. This included roles such as helping ensure the accounts were balanced, changing the lighting rig for a show and changing poster displays for the upcoming shows.


That sounds great! What have been your favourite moments so far?

Jack: My favourite moment so far has been watching the lighting designer programme lights for a show because I think thats very interesting and helped me learn more about a part of the theatre I did not know much about.

Joshua: My favourite momemt so far is tough because I have genuinely learning about each part of the business hower I would put my observation of the technical team as my number one moment. I found it fasincating watching just four guys transform a bare black stage into a performance space fit for the public eye in just a matter of hours.

Just thinking a little further ahead,  Are you wanting to get into theatre?

Jack: I am looking to go into the theatre as a career because I enjoy both on stage performing and behind the scenes. I think its good to understand all areas of theatre as it will help me decide what I want to do as a career in the theatre.

Joshua: After Sixth Form I plan to go to University to study a theatre degree possibly combined with Film & Television Studies. With the potential to go into any of the three industries.  My real passion is for the theatre, which in an ideal world I woud love to work in, hopefully being able to direct performances.


What’s your favourite type of show?

Jack: My favourite type of theatre show is musicals as you can have so many different types and genres of musicsals that can appeal to all ages.

Joshua: My favourite type of theatre show has to be a muscial as it combines all the amazing parts of the arts into one performance. Classical musicals also have gripping stories that often have a cliche happily ever after ending that I can’t help but love.

What’s been your favourite show you’ve seen so far this year?

Jack: My favourite show this year was probably when I went to NYC and saw ‘The Colour Purple’ as it has such a moving story and has a brilliant score. It had one of them most talented casts I’ve ever seen.

Joshua: My favourite show I have seen recently would be a Theatre Royal Bath performance of One Man Two Governors. This comedic play is the best play I have EVER seen. It covers a range of comedies from slapstick to witty jokes and plays on words. The carnage of the performance ensured that I literally loved every second.



Swindon Theatres offers work experience placements to students aged 16+ and generally last 1 week.

To find out more visit: http://bit.ly/WyvernWorkExperience

Find about more about Swindon Theatres here: http://swindontheatres.co.uk 

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