Introducing Graeme of Thrones – with Ali Brice

As Game of Thrones fans worldwide stand poised and ready for a new series of their favourite TV fantasy drama, one comedy theatre show is doing rather well for itself. Direct from sold out shows in London’s West End and Australia, the original and un-authorised theatre parody Graeme of Thrones comes to Swindon on Wed 4 May. We caught up with lead actor and character comedian Ali Brice… before the inevitable lawsuit!



What can we expect from the show?

Graeme of Thrones is a unique take on Game of Thrones created by 3 idiots – I’m taking about the characters in the show, not the actors! It’s a loving homage to the hbo series, but also very silly and very funny. My character, Graeme, has his heart set on putting on the best Game of Thrones tribute show there is. The only problem is, he doesn’t have any talent. But what he lacks in talent he more than makes up for with blind optimism and ruthless hope!

What gave you the idea that Game Of Thrones could be turned into a comedy show?

There are so many characters in Game of Thrones, and the range of them is so vast. From Tyrion to the Hound, Ser Jorah to Hodor there are so many to be fond of, so many you love to hate, even more you hate to love. They all have traits that make them instantly recognisable when we reverse them on stage, which makes for some hilarious caricatures. Basically, Game of Thrones is so well loved and the show comes from such a place of love that it makes Graeme of Thrones a brilliantly silly, funny and fun show!


Paul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.
Paul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.

There aren’t many shows that once you’ve finished watching, you go straight to the box office to buy tickets to see it again. But Graeme of Thrones is one such show.” ★★★★★ West End Wilma


Would you call it a tribute, a parody, or something else?

It’s a mix between parody and tribute. Everyone involved in the show – writers, director, producer, sound, wardrobe – are all huge fans, so it’s been created with love for the real Game of Thrones. We’re all really excited for Season 6.

What characters from the books/TV show do you all play?

All the favourites are there, but too many mention. My personal favourite I play is Ned Stark. But there’s also an incredible portrayal of Khal Drogo and Libby does a brilliant Khaleesi! I don’t want to say too much in case I spoil any surprises!


Paul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.

Paul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.
Paul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.


Graeme is described as a “Super Fan”, but are you a fan of Game Of Thrones yourself?

Yes, very much so. I rewatched every episode to get into it, which was great fun. Really looking forward to season 6.

The TV show is back next week… Do you think Jon Snow survives?!

I really hope so!

Do you think there is the possibility of doing a similar show, based on another TV series?

Oh definitely, but I’m not sure which series. Or maybe I don’t want people streaking my ideas… Last of the Summer Wine would make a great stage show!


Ali CU6
Paul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.

“Game Of Thrones fan boys and girls will want to get tickets… magic on stage” The Urban List


Why should people come to watch Graeme Of Thrones?

It’s such a silly, funny, lovely show. I must’ve done it nearly 100 times and I’m really looking forward to doing it 100 more. It really is different every night and its done with such love for the show it’s impossible not to love. And there’s something for everyone, even if you haven’t seen the show you’re going to be smiling! Plus, I take my top off!



The Graeme of Thrones tour comes to the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon on Wed 4 May. For more information & tickets see the Swindon Theatres website.

Follow Graeme of Thrones on Twitter: @GraemeTheShow

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