5 Training Tips – with Ashleigh & Pudsey

Loveable duo Ashleigh & Pudsey first danced their way into the Nation’s hearts as the winners of Britain’s Got Talent 2012. Four years on and having just picked up the Agility Prize at Crufts 2016, the pair certainly haven’t dropped the ball. At the start of their brand new nationwide theatre tour Ashleigh shares her TOP 5 TIPS for dog trainers.




Have fun with your dog.

Training is all about creating that special bond with your dog, and having as much fun with them as possible.




Go at your dogs pace.

If your dog is struggling with a particular trick, don’t be afraid to take a step back and make it easier for them.

Find out what your dog loves.

Whether its tots, or treats or anything else. Find out what really excites your dog so when it comes to rewarding them, they know they’ve been good.





Train in different environments.

If you constantly train in the same place your dog they will get used to that environment, and might be a little worried when you try and train them somewhere else.

Make sure you start with easy tricks.

If you go straight in training your dogs with advanced tricks this might confuse them and out them off of training. Most of the time simple tricks lead to more difficult tricks.


Ashleigh & Pudsey bring a brand new interactive spy adventure to the Wyvern Theatre from 30-31 March. Suitable for the whole family, this amazing fun-filled musical adventure features West End performers, daring acrobats, fun and laughter. Get ready to give the nation’s original and best dancing dog the “appaws” he deserves!

Joining the cast is everyone’s favourite King Of The Jungle JOE SWASH (EastEnders, I’m A Celebrity, The Jump) who will keep audiences laughing with his unique blend of humour and mischief…

For more information and tickets visit the Swindon Theatres website.


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